Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lalibela and Happy Birthday Frank!

Happy Birthday Frank (Cyrus/ Slash)! 

Max and I took one of our DREAD Pirate friends out to a very special dinner this week. Lalibela is one of the top Ethiopian restaurants in Tempe, Arizona. Ethiopian food is interesting and rather fun to eat in a group. I recommend ordering the variety plate on your first visit. This will let you try a spectrum of foods and flavors, and there is a wide spectrum indeed! From the very bland to the super spicy, vegetarian to differing meats, there is certain to be something even the finicky eater will enjoy.

One warning, this is not utensil friendly venue. The curry-like, dollops of each fare might be lifted with a small spoon but in place of such a Western mode of consumption diners are offered a basket of pancake-esque bread. Tearing off a square of pancake and pinching a bit of food is the way it is done here at Lalibela. 

Café Lalibela
849 West University Drive
Tempe, Arizona
(480) 829-1939

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