Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thai Hut/ Sambo's

Thai one on! 

Okay, that was completely uncalled for, I know it. Thai Hut in downtown Phoenix is a really great place though! I am always more of a fan than Max of Asian and exotic foods, but he didn’t seem to mind this venue. Tons of food, great potstickers, and oodles of noodles can make anyone happy. I loved the décor as well, and really wanted to take home some of the metal lotus blossoms.
Don’t let the rather plain website fool you. What Thai Hut lacks in web presence they make up for in kitchen skills and great service. The food was out super fast! Be warned: if you like spicy food you are in for a treat but there are limits and the spice pots offered here are at that limit! So good! So hot!
An interesting tidbit about the history of this location; according to Max the building used to house a venue called Sambo’s. If anyone is familiar with this place it would be great to hear your stories.

Thai Hut
101 East McDowell Road
Phoenix, Arizona

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