Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lalibela and Happy Birthday Frank!

Happy Birthday Frank (Cyrus/ Slash)! 

Max and I took one of our DREAD Pirate friends out to a very special dinner this week. Lalibela is one of the top Ethiopian restaurants in Tempe, Arizona. Ethiopian food is interesting and rather fun to eat in a group. I recommend ordering the variety plate on your first visit. This will let you try a spectrum of foods and flavors, and there is a wide spectrum indeed! From the very bland to the super spicy, vegetarian to differing meats, there is certain to be something even the finicky eater will enjoy.

One warning, this is not utensil friendly venue. The curry-like, dollops of each fare might be lifted with a small spoon but in place of such a Western mode of consumption diners are offered a basket of pancake-esque bread. Tearing off a square of pancake and pinching a bit of food is the way it is done here at Lalibela. 

Café Lalibela
849 West University Drive
Tempe, Arizona
(480) 829-1939

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pirates, Trolls and Books at Lo-Fi Cafe, Mesa

This outing really did become an adventure! On Sunday mornings Brick Cave Books hosts a local authors book browse at downtown Mesa’s Lo-Fi Café. Max and I were not just there to browse however, we were part of the action! I will get to that after the thrill of the pastry!

Lo-Fi is very much the trendy coffee shop of the new millennia, with everything from hot and cool Chai Lattes to the hi-tech brewing methods for some very earthy teas, there is something for anyone. Oh and the pastries, of course! They are to die for of course, and vegans need not feel left out. Try the vegan chocolate chip scones!

So, what about the books? Lo-Fi Café caters to pirates, fairies, rogues, and trolls as well as the casual hipster and hometown coffee seeker. Stop by on a Sunday morning to be a part of the story, or any day to make your own. 

Lo-Fi Café
105 West Main Street
Mesa, Arizona
(602) 769-3689

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thai Hut/ Sambo's

Thai one on! 

Okay, that was completely uncalled for, I know it. Thai Hut in downtown Phoenix is a really great place though! I am always more of a fan than Max of Asian and exotic foods, but he didn’t seem to mind this venue. Tons of food, great potstickers, and oodles of noodles can make anyone happy. I loved the décor as well, and really wanted to take home some of the metal lotus blossoms.
Don’t let the rather plain website fool you. What Thai Hut lacks in web presence they make up for in kitchen skills and great service. The food was out super fast! Be warned: if you like spicy food you are in for a treat but there are limits and the spice pots offered here are at that limit! So good! So hot!
An interesting tidbit about the history of this location; according to Max the building used to house a venue called Sambo’s. If anyone is familiar with this place it would be great to hear your stories.

Thai Hut
101 East McDowell Road
Phoenix, Arizona