Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Joe's Diner: A Little Piece of Mayberry in Melrose

Joe and Cinta

Small town, local, and making friends with customers is common where I am from, but here in Phoenix, it seems rare. Leave it to another hard working, creative, small town transplant to show Phoenix how it can still be done.

Joe’s Diner on 7th Avenue and Indian School Road exemplifies the classic diner experience. The food is standard American comfort foods and diner fare, but this where so many “home style” diners in Phoenix, end the experience. A diner is not just a title on a business. It’s not just the classic eggs and bacon breakfasts, and burger and fries lunch menu. Diner means friendly, local and home. It means coming out to greet your customers as the neighbors they are. It means supporting neighborhood farms, suppliers and other businesses.

Joe has been the prime example of the little Mayberry like town in Southern Arizona that he was raised in. Bringing the small town attitude is no easy task in a big city, but Joe was willing to take on the task. With jams and jellies, croissants, and biscuits made in house, and nearly everything else including; the eggs, sausage, and vegetables locally collected, this diner means the business for living local. Built on love, respect, and with his own sweat and blood, the diner itself is a labor of love. From the dividing walls of each booth, to the paint on  the walls, Joe and his family had their hands in making this dream a reality.

So, where did it all start really? After nearly 25 years as a professional chef, Joe knows food. Even when camping, Joe couldn’t keep out of the kitchen. Spending time to make some of his favorite dishes during vacations with his wife and young children, Joe puts to shame those of us who are content with an unevenly charred hot dog or burger. Inviting another family along on one excursion lit the fire for a new adventure in his cooking career. So in awe of the feasts laid by Joe, his friend’s praise spread to several more families. It wasn’t long before Joe was catering for the entire campsite and reviews of his food made it clear.

Requests for Joe to open a restaurant would not be silenced. And the rest is hometown history.

Joe’s Diner
4515 N. 7th Ave.
Phoenix, 85013
(602) 535-4999
Monday - Sunday 7:00 am - 3:00 pm

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