Thursday, November 29, 2012

Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Great lunch! Great sandwiches! Strange atmosphere for local musicians.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop isn’t really a local venue but it is very tasty and they do cater to the local entertainment community. During lunch rush is really not the best time to experience the full flavor of this location but at least they are fast and friendly and the food is well made and reasonably priced.
We couldn’t hear the musician in the corner of the store because it was so loud. I really felt bad for the guy because I am sure he was doing a great job, but people are just too hustle and bustle during the week. We will try to get back to this venue on a weekend or later evening to try the entertainment ambiance again.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop
534 West McDowell Road
Phoenix, Arizona

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bill Johnson's Big Apple

I have been severely slacking off on these postings and there are just too many great local places to let that continue. So, this week Max and I adventured to the original Bill Johnson’s Big Apple in Phoenix.
I have to say my initial reaction to the BBQ eatery with the larger than life diorama looming from the second story was not exactly open to walking in. The giant, long horned cow painted on the double doors didn’t help really. Once I accepted that this was an incredibly cheesy western style venue complete with gingham clad staff I eased up and allowed myself to enjoy the quaint cuteness of the place. 

Bill Johnson, a radio star in Arizona, once broadcast his shows from the now afore mentioned cowboy diorama. There is some rather interesting information on Bill and even a few of his show recordings can be found on the restaurant website.

So, beyond the kitschy western theme this place was pretty good. The staff was sweet and attentive without being totally pushy for a tip. The food was classic American fare and well done. Even picky eater, Max was happy with the Spanish Omelet and noted how perfect the bacon was. I will be eating French Toast for days and that is a great thing!

Bill Johnson’s Big Apple
3101 West Indian School Road, Phoenix