Thursday, June 28, 2012

MacAlpine's Egg Creams of Awesome!

Strawberry Daiquiri Egg Creams! Oh dear gods my mouth is watering as I type this! I need another!

Okay, so Max took us out to MacAlpine’s in downtown Phoenix to work on some gaps in the Max’s Despair story, and, to have lunch, of course. The food is great and I can personally recommend the Toasted Cheese sandwich if you like classic grilled cheese and tomato, the potato salad was a filling side dish to this. Max enjoyed the Malibu Chicken sandwich. Max was rather boring in his order of a bag of chips as a side and a classic Dr. Pepper for a drink. That leads us back to the complete epicness that is the Egg Cream!

MacAlpine’s boasts 99 flavors for sodas, floats, and the Amazing egg cream. Did I mention how stunning this drink is? It is sweet and lightly creamy and bubbly and cool and even looks interesting. I swear I am going on a soda binge this summer and ordering every flavor, but so far the strawberry daiquiri is my dream drink.

So, what does MacAlpine’s to do with the Tovrea Castle I am constantly yammering on about? Well, food is not the only reason to drop into this soda shop. Flanking the 1920’s-esque seating area are two vintage shops. It was from these shops that some of the temporary display pieces for the kitchen were loaned; specifically the icebox and the stove. These pieces are no longer in the castle, but if you are seeking more history of the castle’s era this is the place to start.

I also found a stunning 60’s era phone booth that I and my Netbook fit super nice in and I think would make a perfect writing office. Just close the door to make it clear that writing is in progress. Only $300 for the office of Czep’s dreams! Anyone want to throw in?

Seriously. Anyone? Five bucks? Maybe ten? I have PayPal!

Until our next adventure!

Mac Alpine's Soda Fountain
2303 North 7th Street
Phoenix, Arizona
(602) 262-5545

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