Thursday, June 7, 2012

Carly's, Revolver, and Mud Wrestling

Max bought lunch again this week, always a treat! This time we visited the Downtown Phoenix Art District and dined at a cute little local place called Carly’s. We were fortunate to arrive and order before the lunch rush, because, wow was there a rush! 

Carly’s was featured on a television program recently, which is where Max heard about the quaint little bar and eatery. He made a big deal about the astounding hummus so I made certain to order something related. I can say with certainty the red pepper hummus on the All Over the Map Wrap is quite amazing! The wrap also has turkey and greens and comes with a choice of sides. Max’s choice, the Philly Cheese Pita was equally awesome, I know, I could not help but snitch a few bites. I also recommend the chips above all other side choices. These are not your everyday chips, unless you have Taro Chips every day. 

They are epic! Seriously. Go for the taro chips alone and it will be a worthwhile venture. Max raved about the iced tea. I admit to eyeing the wine list and the addition of Absinthe. If it had not been so early, I would have enjoyed a glass for sure.

Before we settled in to order, Max managed to nab a conversation with the owner. Carly was with her two small children having a quick bite. And why did Max make a point to chat up Miss Carly, well, pirates of course! Oh, don’t deny you knew it was coming to that. 

Carly’s is directly across the street from Revolver Records. What does a record store have to do with pirates? Well, a few months ago The DREAD Fleet approached the Fillmore Creative to host the Fourth Annual Pirate Mud Wrestling event. We thought all was well until they backed out do to a leasing issue. Desperate for a new location in short notice, Max popped into Revolver and struck a deal.

So, on July 28th, The DREAD Fleet along with many of the Arizona Roller Derby leagues, Bellydancers, and local bands invite you to join in some good dirty fun!

DREAD Pirate Mud Wrestling Tickets

The DREAD Fleet

Carly's Bistro
128 East Roosevelt Street 
Phoenix, Arizona

(602) 262-2759

Revolver Records
918 North 2nd Street 
Phoenix, Arizona

(602) 795-4980

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