Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Stockyards Restaurant

Hooray! The TCS Docents received official shirts today! Yes, Max and I did another training tour at Tovrea Castle this morning. We also discovered that for some reason we are not officially certified yet. Not sure what happened there. Either way, I am still loving every minute of offering tours of the castle and the grounds. It was a stunning day for the tour, but it is already beginning to heat up so I highly recommend wearing lighter clothing and bringing a water bottle if you have a tour booked. Max was feeling awesomely generous this afternoon and treated me to lunch at the Stockyards Restaurant. What has this to do with chatter about the castle?
The Stockyards
In 1919, Ed Tovrea settled his cattle stockyards in Phoenix, Arizona. Smack in the middle of this 200 acre feed lot, in 1947 Tovrea constructed The Stockyards Restaurant. I am so very glad that Max and I did not experience that level of authenticity when stepping into this historically western styled eatery. I would like to take this moment to tap into the memories and imaginations of those reading this. Have you ever been near a cattle farm? Have you ever been near a meat packing plant? Now, allow your nose to reminisce that experience and then, sit down to dinner with that thought in there. I just really do not understand how that could have been remotely pleasant.

The d├ęcor does retain the less offensive historic tidbits though. My favorite is the branding iron chandeliers. Max and I managed not to order any beef at all, which is sort of lame I suppose, but no less tasty. I totally recommend the portabella wrap, though maybe try one of the other sides option because the fries were nothing to go crazy over.
So, when you visit the Tovrea Castle for a morning tour, be sure to stop in to the Stockyards for lunch. There are some great maps of the area as it looked during the time of the Tovrea family as well as some historical informational blurbs on the walls as you walk through to the dining area. Note the proximity of Cararro Heights and again, just imagine the aroma. And, if you happen to have Max or I leading the tour you are on and you feel so inclined to invite us along for lunch, we would be happy to join you. *Hint Hint*

Stockyards Steakhouse
5009 East Washington St # 115  
Phoenix, Arizona
(602) 273-7378

Tovrea Carraro Society
P.O. Box 61043
Phoenix, Arizona

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